George Mraz Quartet
Jazz at The Castle

Multisonic 2012

 1. Wisteria 10:23
 2. Sponge Magic 6:04
 3. Barbara 7:18
 4. Blues for Sarka 7:00
 5. Imagination 9:59
 6. Three Silver Hairs 7:02
 7. Strange Blues 10:33
 8. For B. C. 6:22
 9. Unison 9:03
10. Grey Falcon 3:13

George Mraz
Rich Perry-tenor sax
David Hazeltine-piano
Joey Baron-drums

Mráz had already appeared in the Jazz at the Castle series in various formations, but this was the first time he was leading his own group. The concert was also unique in that it showcased his skill as a composer with the presentation of seven original compositions.  Most of these compositions have a captivating lyric atmosphere and Mraz’s signature trademark of inventive harmonic and melodic resolutions, which drew so many famous musicians to seek him out in the past.

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