Camilla Mraz Biography

“Camilla Mraz has a resolutely beautiful voice of her own, both as a pianist and singer. With her husband, George Mraz, they create a music that is both inspired and inspiring.”
Todd Barkan, jazz entrepreneur

Virtuoso pianist/vocalist/composer Camilla Mraz has been an integral part of the international music scene for more than 20 years.  She has appeared in many major jazz festivals, concert halls, and clubs all over the world.   Camilla also collaborates with her husband, first-call jazz bassist George Mraz.  Today they make New York City their home.

A native of the Czech Republic, Camilla’s love affair with the piano began when she was just four years old.  She was composing by age five.  Camilla attended the Prague Conservatory where she studied  piano with Michal Rezek..  She subsequently received a degree from the Music Jazz Academy and Music College in Germany. Where she studied composition, jazz piano and vocals.  Her sound is influenced by the 60s jazz style of pianist Paul Bley, as well as classical music.

As a composer, her music has been featured in several films.  While living in Europe, Camilla was employed by top-level film and television production studios for both her musical and acting talents.  Most recently, in a film that was shot in New York City (January 2014), Camilla commanded the role of jazz legend Blossom Dearie, showcasing her vocal expertise.

For the past ten years, she has toured and recorded with her own bands throughout Europe and Asia, and has released 12 CDs of her own profoundly heartfelt music, both as a piano soloist and in a larger group context.  

A special project entitled “Return To Imagination” fulfills a dream of Camilla’s based on her experience as a composer, from small pieces to larger musical compositions.  This undertaking began in a television broadcast where she is heard playing various instruments in a hushed tone, attempting to create "the right" musical atmosphere.  

The joint project is a reflection of her other activities - from writing articles, to organizing musical seminars concerning free musical improvisation and composition topics.  The “Return to Imagination” project is accompanied by the “Dance of the Blue Angels” film score culminating with a composition named Maroshka. This is Camilla's specific composition designed as a musical conclusion to the film.

Camilla Mraz provides an exhilarating musical experience with criticalal praise.  Her sound attracts a new audience of listeners previously unfamiliar with jazz.  Camilla’s music is accessible and intimate, emanating a complexity created not by multiple layers of notes, but by multiple layers of emotion, capturing the imaginations of music lovers worldwide.

She has toured internationally for the past 20 years and was selected to play  for some tour and concerts and has performed and/or recorded with jazz icons, George Mraz, Al Foster,  Matt Wilson, Lew Soloff, Anthony Pincciotti etc. to name a few. Her international performances on concert and festival stages include the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, Montreux, Burghausen,The Gilmore, Spoleto Arts, Montreal, Monterey, North Sea, Stuttgart, Pori, San Francisco, Ottawa, Zagreb, Perth, Brisbane, Rouen, Cannes, Sardinia, Rochester, Wigan, Poznan, Estoril, Palermo, Inverness, Cork, and in Durban and Johannesberg, South Africa with full symphony orchestra. Her touring has taken her around the world to, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Croatia, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Australia, Japan, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the US.